Posted by: willlyons | July 28, 2012

Desperate Clima…

Desperate Climate Scientists Blame Bad Weather On Global Warming.

How desperate can one get? Well very desperate indeed when you’re Climate Scientists or a climate activist and the weather does not play ball with your research.


After decades of debunking and statements by responsible scientists, that climate is not weather and individual anomalies are not an indication of climate change, the government funded IPCC lackeys at the UK’s Met Office and America’s National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration have publicly attributed recent bad weather events to man-made climate change. These irresponsible boffins’ shrill claims illustrate the desperation in the anthropogenic global warming (AGW) camp in the face of declining public concern over climate change. While admitting that it is impossible to blame a single event on global warming, climate alarmists are claiming attribution is possible as long as it is framed in terms of probability. They have gone from lies, to damn lies and now, finally, to statistics.


Moreover, some activist are even wanting and hoping for more extreme weather discomfort that will make crops fail along with power cuts in the hope that it changes the minds of people, to these people it’s all worth it in the end. It hasn’t crossed their minds that what we are seeing at the moment is what has happened throughout the ages, Oh no all they can see is that all that they have fought for over the years is all falling apart and that public opinion for what they stand for has been dropping dramatically. So they resort and want a more drastic approach. And how disgusting is that.


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