Posted by: willlyons | July 28, 2012

Dishonest climate persons

Its folly to rely on a few hot weeks in an area to say it proves global warming, yet this is what has happened by quite a few warmegedisnests and doomotoligests. June saw a heat wave pass over an area of America and the media and the few warmegedisnests and doomotoligests could not wait to write about how global warming is happening.


We have seen it all before though haven’t we the warmth as well as the hand wringing malcontents who without a second thought use heat waves as a weapon to bring home to everyone that fossil fuel is bad for everyone.


They were blind to the fact that on the 27th June 2012, 116 City’s from Montana to Florida measured record low temperatures. Not one of these malcontents bothered to shout that little fact form the rooftops, Oh no they couldn’t do that could they after all to shout from the roof tops that 116 Cities in America had record breaking low temperature’s would not sit well with their warped activist agenda!!! No all we heard from this bunch of green activists was that we are all doomed.


Anyone remember that account of tarmac melting at Reagan National Airport posted by Pinocchio Gore? A passenger photographed the aircraft with a camera phone with its wheels stuck in the tarmac in 100-degree heat and Mr Pinocchio decided to use it in his blog to tell all his followers that it was proof that global warming was real. Really Mr Pinocchio what was your excuse in not using the data that said that Orlando International Airport, for example, saw an overnight low of 64 degrees, shattering the previous record of 66 set in 1920 why didn’t you use that little bit of information in your blog?????


It is easy to forget that at 3.8 million square miles, the United States comprises less than 2 percent of the Earth’s surface. Sizzling thermometer readings here do not indicate temperature patterns elsewhere especially in summer.


Why didn’t Mr Pinocchio tell all and sundry in his blog that Sweden saw its chilliest June since weather statistics were first recorded in 1786, with an average daytime high of 56 degrees — three degrees below normal, why didn’t you blog that little fact Gore?


Why didn’t he blog that my own country the United Kingdom is seeing the coolest summer since records began, why didn’t that fact find its way into his blog, oh that’s right if it did find its way into his blog it would show people what utter buffoons and charlatans his devout followers are. Beware of warmegedisnests and doomotoligests who point to localized summer heat as proof of climate change across the entire world: They are only making hay while the sun shines.


Only A Completely Daft Person or Dishonest person would try to assume that a few heat waves was proof of either climate change or global warming and try to get away with it.


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