Posted by: willlyons | July 28, 2012

The lies that are told by Warmegedinists

If anyone wants to see first-hand how dishonest warmegedisnests are when reporting climate change then they have to look no further than the latest NASA report that shows Greenland ice melting.


In mid-July, NASA saw what they called unprecedented melting of the Greenland ice and showed to the world showed two pictures, both were red with the first image showing a white patch over the centre of the picture. The second image showed no white over the centre. Both images were of Greenland.


At a glance persons would be worried about this rapid Ice loss especially people who believe in manmade global warming they would see images that showed Greenland with Ice and one with Greenland without ice. In addition, I believe that this was done on purpose, if it was not done on purpose why they not showed the actual satellite photos that show nothing like a rabid ice loss.


All of this smacks of desperation by people who should know better, even the colour coding of the two images are to spread fear amongst people. In addition, of course there will be people that will believe all of this nonsense and that above anything else is why it has been shown this way.


The actual photos show a different story though.


Notice also the web cam photo taken on July 9, at -19C right at the time of the NASA great Greenland melt.


Of course, again when we delve a little deeper we also see that unprecedented ice loss is nothing of the sort as it accrues every 150 years. Lora Koenig, another Goddard glaciologist, told NASA similar rapid melting occurs about every 150 years

What kind of morons would interpret a cyclical event of 150 years, which is right on schedule – as being due to climate change? Answer people who are undoubtedly dishonest


I love today’s technology without it I would not be able to refute so much B/S comes out of the mouths of Warmegedisnests and Doomotoligests who harp on about melting ice in summer as if it’s never been known to do that.


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