Posted by: willlyons | July 28, 2012

The Theory Is Very Simple

Sometimes the simplest of answers to a puzzle are best. For years, we have been told without any actual proof I might add that it was CO2 that was driving our planets warming phase. Even today, when we can see that our planet has not warmed very much since 1998 certain people will come out of the woodwork and insist that it is all to do with CO2; apparently, so I am informed CO2 reached a huge 31.6 gigatonnes, that 31.6 gigatonnes apparently is a record high.


Imagine that, 31.6 gigatonnes of CO2 going into our atmosphere and there is no additional warming, it must be driving the warmegedisnests and doomotoligests absolutely nuts to see all this CO2 going into our atmosphere and not being able to say why the planet has not warmed since 1998 to what they expected it to do.


Well as I said at the beginning sometimes the simplest of answers are best, and a scientist at the Duke University and at the Active Cavity Radiometer Solar Irradiance Monitor Lab, which is associated with the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California, has come up with a theory and it is this.


He claims, “at least 60% of the warming of the Earth observed since 1970 appears to be induced by natural cycles which are present in the solar system.” As his theory is controversial, we asked him to outline it. For the near future, he predicts a stabilisation of global temperature or cooling until 2030-2040.


I suggest people read what his theory is, it is as he says revolutionary. And of course, the mainstream climate community will close their ears to what he has to say because as he mentions they have religiously assumed that the science is settled, if anyone is in doubt about that little fact just listen and read what the Gather warmegedisnests and Doomotoligests spout. However, I do not listen to what they have to say anymore, as the climate is the last thing on their mind it is just a useful tool for their hatred of the oil industry.

As Donna Lamframboise writes in the climate science world anyone, who dares to publish politically incorrect content will be boycotted and accused of dishonesty by a ruling clique of scientists.


Donna Lamframboise: No Reasonable Person Should Trust Climate Scientists.


And how very true that is we see it all the time, everything that we on this side of the coin write is dishonest when we publish our articles or comment on climate change. It is getting so boring now when we see a happening it is the same thing over and over again with them, it is dishonest, they pander to the Lobbyists, its unscientific, they intentionally misrepresent the science, they cherry pick, but these people who say this never actually say anything of importance so it’s all very irrelevant.


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