Posted by: willlyons | July 31, 2012

Oh how they jum…

Oh how they jumped for glee when Muller a well-known skeptic took money from the Koch brothers to do research on Global warming. Oh, how they hugged each other with anticipation when the skeptic came back and gleefully told the media that he had found that it was humankind that had coursed climate change. Oh how they embraced him when he threw his hands up and told everyone that he was a converted skeptic, how they slapped him on his back and welcomed him in to their den of deceit.


Muller a skeptic don’t make me laugh he was never a skeptic but a sheep in wolf clothing who did not even do the job correctly that he was tasked to do for his brothers in crime. The dishonest people who peddle the lies forget one vital element when they peddle the lies, they forget with today’s World Wide Web anyone can find a lie and disprove what they are saying like I am about to do now.


In 2003, Muller the well-known skeptic (their words not mine) wrote these words when talking about medieval warming period! “Let me be clear. My own reading of the literature and study of paleoclimate suggests strongly that carbon dioxide from burning of fossil fuels will prove to be the greatest pollutant of human history. It is likely to have severe and detrimental effects on global climate.”


Does that sound like your average skeptic? Or what about this remark he made in 2008!


Muller: Global warming. There is a consensus that global warming is real. There has not been much so far, but it’s going to get much, much worse. The thing I would tell the president is that the global warming, according to the global consensus — that’s the IPCC scientists, who won the Nobel Prize — the global warming of the future is going to come from the developing world. The exploding economies of China and India and Asia are going to be responsible for the CO2.



Perhaps that sounds like your average skeptic.


How about this remark again in 2008!

Do you consider yourself an environmentalist?

Oh, yes. [Laughs.] In fact, back in the early ’80s, I resigned from the Sierra Club over the issue of global warming. At that time, they were opposing nuclear power. What I wrote them in my letter of resignation was that, if you oppose nuclear power, the U.S. will become much more heavily dependent on fossil fuels, and that this is a pollutant to the atmosphere that is very likely to lead to global warming.


And taken from the same interview!


My house is lit by compact fluorescent light bulbs. Let me just tell you, though: Suppose I drove an SUV and lit my house with the worst kind of light — I could still be an environmentalist. Al Gore flies around in a jet plane — absolutely fine with me. The important thing is not getting Al Gore out of his jet plane; the important thing is solving the world’s problem. What we really need are policies around the world that address the problem, not feel-good measures. If [Al Gore] reaches more people and convinces the world that global warming is real, even if he does it through exaggeration and distortion — which he does, but he’s very effective at it — then let him fly any plane he wants.


Don’t be fooled like the fools who are telling everyone that Muller was a Sceptic the truth of the matter as I have just shown is that from the 80s Muller believed that CO2 was going to course Global warming. The lies that they are now telling once more show how desperate these people are.


And one more thing that is quite interesting. All this came out just before it was revealed that research has shown that the urban heat in the U.S.A has been grossly exaggerated over the last thirty years. Moreover, if the result of that research is confirmed then it has far-reaching implications on other urban heat.


The result of the new study is shocking: Instead of correcting downwards, temperatures that were heated by the urban heat island effect, the official US administration offices apparently corrected data from qualitively reliable stations upwards, which appears to be unjustifiable. If the result were confirmed, then it would be a shocking development. The warming in the USA over the last years would be far less rapid than what has always been assumed. And because similar errors are suspected elsewhere, the issue could quickly gain global relevance.”



Isn’t it funny that as soon as something comes out that might prove that these climate scientists who have been using data from urban heat have got it wrong the usual malcontents try to muddy the water with something that is not actually very important namely that a physic is not now a skeptic but now believes that it is mankind and CO2 is the course even though he has never been a skeptic even though he seems to think that he was a skeptic. Confused? You shouldn’t be this is what Warmegedisnests do, they muddy the water and write utter tripe.


This is how you should treat the malcontent warmegedisnests who reside amongst us, treat them with the contempt that they deserve.


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